Jennifer Eberlein joins the Blue Zones Project Corry Team with dual roles of Community Program Manager and Organizational Lead. With a passion for health and well-being, Jennifer pursued a nursing career in her late thirties.  Alarmed by the growth and continual rise in chronic diseases, it did not take her long to choose a nursing path focusing on prevention.  Knowing small changes in lifestyle behavior can impact not just a person’s health but also their quality of life and happiness, Jennifer researched and read many books to educate herself.  Upon reading the book, The Blue Zones Solution, Jennifer knew there was something special about the approach Blue Zones Project took to improving the overall well-being of individuals within a community.  Not only does Blue Zones Project focus on eating wisely and getting people to move more naturally, but it also focuses on the importance of social connections, having purpose in life and managing stress.  However, what really caught Jennifer’s attention was Blue Zones Project unique approach of making permanent changes to the built environment and policy to improve community well-being.  How can anyone succeed at anything in life, in this case making healthy choices, without support from the people they surround themselves with and without support from the surrounding environment in which they live, learn, work, play and even worship?

Jennifer’s nursing career began as a RN on a med-surge floor at Saint Vincent Hospital/AHN.  She then went on to be the Nurse Case Manager and Program Director for the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease at UPMC Hamot.  Just prior to joining the Blue Zones Project Corry, Jennifer was the RN for UPMC Hamot’s Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab.

Jennifer continues to pursue her original career as a PGA Golf Instructor.  She has been in the golfing industry for 25+ years.  In her spare time, Jennifer can be found on the golf course, ballroom dancing, walking/jogging or spending time with her family.